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Caps Frozen Lemons - Maggies Farm (MD Medical)

Caps Frozen Lemons, from Maggie’s Farm medical marijuana dispensary in Baltimore, is a highly coveted sativa cross between Freezerburn and Lemon Fire from the elusive MAC strain grower, Capulator. Your mood will improve just from smelling this strain, not to mention smoking it. Immediately, a straight shot of pungent, lemony tartness overwhelms your senses, akin to lemon Pledge furniture spray or Lemonhead candy. Frankly, if you were taking a smell identification test, weed wouldn’t be your first guess.


This sour citrus odor is credited to the most abundant terpene, ocimene. This is also what causes the hint of skunk and menthol finish, which you’ll taste with each and every toke. This batch was perfectly cured, frosted white and trich-coated, like the sparkle off of fresh shaved lemon ice in the summertime - which this sativa was so appropriately named after. She’s truly a sight to see.


The high also lends itself to an ice-cold treat analogy, as the heady bliss this bud blasts you into can leave you feeling dazed and spacey at times, an almost brain-freeze effect. She’s no creeper and within ten minutes or so you’ll experience full-body relaxation, without any of the paranoia sativas are sometimes synonymous with. This is the perfect smoke if you’re looking for productivity; your anxieties will melt away, leaving you in a state of mindfulness and awareness, able to take on anything life throws your way.


The glass container from Garcia Hand Picked (a collab between Jerry Garcia from The Grateful Dead family and Holistic Industries) is the cherry on the cake of this treat, with a colorful lid and amusing graphics that make this packaging seem like a collectible item.

Caps Frozen Lemons is a great daytime strain to add to your rotation, just head to Maggie's Farm Dispensary in Baltimore, MD and grab some for yourself today!

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