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Cassius Clay - Monko

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Strain: Cassius Clay

​Service: Monko

Market: DC i-71 Storefront

Overall Rating: 8.7/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant

Initial Thoughts

Wanted to let you all know about this batch of Cassius Clay currently available at DC i-71 dispensary, MONKO. Note that they have many exotic flavors worth checking out - their menu was looking very tasty in its entirety, in fact. When I first saw this strain I was thinking the buds looked so strong and powerful, it just had to be a real heavy-hitter. They were totally eye-catching with their starry glimmer. Some real contenders. Then when I found out they shared the birth name of greatest heavyweight of all time I immediately thought this could be the one, two punch I've been looking for. 🥊



This bud is an eighth in size! Purple hues abound with dark greens inside. Glowing, starry trichomes form clusters and spread all over.


I felt like it was a decent consistency, not too dense but reasonably so. Enough for me to keep breaking off pieces and get a few good sessions out of this one eighth sized nugget.


Sticky and cured very nicely.


When I opened the jar a pungent, earthy reek immediately inundated my nostrils. The giant nug, when cracked open, smelled like it was ripe with fruity notes. Altogether, it was very earthy with a strong funky mix of pine and fruit to boot.



I tasted a great deal of sweet Blueberry juiciness right away as I was inhaling. Then exhaling I was hit with an earthiness, and a bit of a piney flavor as well.


Cassius Clay, also widely called Cashus Clay, comes from crossing True OG X Bubble Gum X Master Kush and is a "clone-only" strain by THClones.


From just half of my joint, I experienced fairly balanced effects at first. There were also very creative vibes and a heightened sense of warmth that radiated around me. I was feeling slightly energized but not even close to racy. Then, once I smoked the other half about 20 minutes later, I was undergoing a case of couch-lock and it was a bit harder for me to want to move around to do things besides resting. It was kind of like a soft roller coaster with elation at the beginning and a restful calm at the end. Maybe it was playing its version of "rope-a-dope" with me?



This Cassius Clay didn't necessarily "float like a butterfly and then sting like a bee", but it was one that had the initial effects to send me soaring, and then tucked me gently into a horizontal state of bliss. I'm happy I got the opportunity to try it! I would absolutely pick this up again and suggest it to anyone in the market for flower. Monko is not short on anything when it comes to its buds, and I'm happy I got the chance to highlight them! Find your favorite strain by checking out their storefront and diving into the menu for yourself. Don't forget to mention Toker's Guide sent you their way!

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