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Cherry Lemonade - The Green Room

Strain: Cherry Lemonade

Service Type: DC Dispensary

Overall Rating: 8.8/10

Lean: Sativa Dominant

Initial Thoughts

Nowadays, Cannabis is like the new Coco-Cola machines with unlimited variations of flavors and combinations to choose from. Picking out this Cherry Lemonade, courtesy of DC marijuana dispensary, The Green Room, is a user-friendly experience that's even easier than hitting the buttons on these big touch screens. Perhaps, one day in the future we'll be getting great weed combinations in vending machines too, but I'm just not that psyched for a robot budtender. 🤖



A visual inspection of the sample turned up trichome covered dark green and purple buds with long orange pistils.


Fresh, but starting to cure.



Cherry Lemonade has prominent cherry terps that smell sweet and tart.


A lemony cherry flavor with fruity undertones that linger on the palate.



The Cherry Lemonade strain is a cross of Jack the Ripper and Cherry Pie OG that runs sativa dominant.


Cherry Lemonade had me feeling stoned from its heady effects, with a buzz that was as relaxing as it was intoxicating. While the strain sparked creativity, it kept my ideas confined within my brain, offering a soothing mental journey. The balanced high provided a gentle euphoria without overwhelming me, making it perfect for unwinding and letting my thoughts drift.



The story surrounding Cherry Lemonade is quite special, taking a turn for the worse when wildfires stormed across California in 2017 completely eliminating its genetics since all living plants and unplanted seeds perished. Thankfully a friend of Subcool's, a legendary grower and breeder, still had the parent strains and they were able to reproduce the Cherry Lemonade genetics we see today. This harrowing tale makes getting your hands on it that much more special. To pick up some for your own stash head to The Green Room today and don’t forget to mention that Toker’s Guide sent you!

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