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Cherry OG - Top Level DC

A 50/50 hybrid crossbreed of Lost Coast OG, Afghani, and Cherry Thai, Cherry OG sounds much simpler in name than its exotic lineage and deliciously complex flavor might otherwise lead you to believe.


When you first crack open this "Cosmic" level fire from DC storefront Top Level, its sweet, sugary, and sour fruit aroma will make you want to stick your whole nose in the jar. We don't recommend this however as, upon removal, you might find several buds accidentally stuck to your nose.


It's fresh, sticky, extremely bright neon green - so much so that it stands out in a line-up with numerous other heady varieties in my coffers. When I hit it for the first time I was immediately brought back to some fresh indoor harvests I was once privy to in Northern California.


I must say, I'm thoroughly enjoying the high level of quality and freshness coming from Top Level recently and I can't wait to see what they roll out next! To grab some of this Cherry OG for yourself just head over to i-71 storefront, Top Level today.

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