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Chocolate Diesel - Sugar Ray's DC

A highly potent sativa dominant cross of Sour Diesel and Chocolate Thai, this Chocolate Diesel from DC i-71 delivery service Sugar Ray's DC is ready to super charge your day. Whether joint, bowl, bong, or blunt you'll get the rich diesel notes you know and love, but with a side of something a bit more sweet and tangy.


I've used cereal analogies in past reviews to describe flavor, but in this case allow me to use it to describe effects, instead. This strain is a bit like the sugar rush from something like Count Chocula, but without the uncomfortable crash at the end. Like a little kid being handed the keys to the candy shop, if you're a sativa lover get ready to go berserk with this one.


In terms of structure and cultivation, these buds are slender, light, and fluffy with a healthy sugar coating of trichomes. They scream sour diesel in appearance with the tan-ish orange hairs against a neon green backdrop. If you're not familiar with the strain, or if you haven't had many intense sativas, you'll want to take it slow and more gingerly with this batch.


So for a great daytime toke, or if you're just a sativa head in general, hit up Sugar Ray's DC today and grab some of this Chocolate Diesel for yourself. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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