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Chocolate Sundae / The Mintz / Sherblato - Elevated Lounge

I can’t do it fellow Tokers!! I can’t take this heat and humidity!! My family comes from a colder northern climate and DC has me feeling like I’m melting into the streets!! I love the recreational properties of cannabis, but let’s not ignore the relief that we all enjoy from our favorite herb!!

I stumbled into the Elevated Lounge, a shell of my former self, totally wiped out from the heat and humidity. What I really love about this place is the focus on hospitality and welcoming vibes; the security guard immediately noticed I had gotten my hair cut since I had last seen them and I’m not even there that often!

Walking into Elevated Lounge feels like walking into your favorite pub where you’re a regular and friendly with the staff, and I love that. My friends at Elevated Lounge could see my spirit half hanging out of my body and swaying in the breeze. They knew I needed relief and needed it fast! Their budtenders expertly curated my experience quickly and efficiently while also being incredibly friendly and hospitable. I walked away with three incredibly beautiful strains and could barely wait to get home and begin my tasting.

First up, the Chocolate Sundae! One night at the club Sundae Driver bumped into Chocolate Kush on the dance floor and their passionate embrace led to this delicious indica dominant hybrid. Sunday Driver is itself a cross of FPOG and Grape Pie; a balanced and uplifting hybrid with a sweet creamy flavor. Chocolate Kush is a potent and powerful indica known for its euphoric effects and chocolate aroma.


So when these two beauties were dancing the night away, magical lighting struck and gifted Tokers everywhere with this relaxing yet uplifting indica-dominant hybrid that’s great for treating stress, anxiety, pain, or terrible dance moves!


Next we have the Sherblato! As always my beautiful Tokers, I’m gonna keep it real with you. I am ALL about the sativa end of the spectrum! When Elevated Lounge gifted me this beautiful flower I was immediately in love just based on its good looks! A cross between Sherbert and Gelato, this was EXACTLY what I wanted and needed in my life at that moment - a sativa influenced energetic high. The budtender was laughing at me because I was geeking out so hard with excitement over it.


Known for its uplifting energies and cultivating a good headspace, the Sherblato is also ideal for Tokers who need relief from stress or migraines! Plus it’s just beautiful and I like looking at it! Note you'll have more than enough energy to get things done, but not so much that you can't catch some Zzz's afterwards. This is my kind of...Sherb? 🤦‍♂️

Who doesn’t love a good mystery, my lovely Tokers? For our final flower, let's hop in the mystery machine and search for clues, because there isn’t a lot of information on The Mintz! Maybe it's all the "mints" strains combined? We'll have to do more strenuous research and get back to you. What I can tell you is that it’s a beautiful indica dominant hybrid, with a sweet citrusy nose and a beautiful structure.


I can also tell you that it perfectly complimented my pizza and that I’m now so elevated that I’m not exactly sure where I’m going with this? So I challenge you!! Go to Elevated Lounge, tell them Tokers Guide sent you (which will get you a complimentary gift!), get yourself some of The Mintz, and help us solve this mystery!! What do you think The Mintz tastes and smells like? What do you think it feels like? Have any guesses as to its lineage or genetics? Let us know in the comments section because we love hearing from you!

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