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Citral Flo - Curio Wellness (Maryland)

Citral Flo, the love child of Sour Flo and Citral Skunk, is an evenly balanced hybrid that can be off-putting at first, with a flavor that's deeply cheesy. However, as it burns one will find tart, citrus notes melding in. This particular batch comes from Curio Wellness medical dispensary in Maryland, and has intense terpenes that make it the perfect strain for someone with an elevated palette, who can appreciate the nuances.


The buds are soft and billowing, flower-shaped and covered in thick crystalline trichomes with red hairs that sprawl out like someone wearing just a little too much mascara, crisscrossing and crunching their way outward.

This strain comes in at a high 24% THC level, and smoking it gives one the kind of rejuvenation that can only be comparable to sunshine. You can feel your skin wake up again, your taste buds and nostrils reaching for more. If listening to music or completing a menial task, you’ll find yourself completely entranced by it, almost in a meditative state.

This strain is a mindfulness course unto itself. Thankfully, you won’t be stuck on the couch all night. After the second wave, you’ll find yourself left with ample energy and focus, and a touch of lingering euphoria. The Arnold Palmer of hybrids if you will: a perfect half and half.


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