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Cocoa Brownie - DMV Organics

How is it that i made dinner AND got caught with the dishes?!? Not cool fam! Taco night was over and I’m not the kind of person that can let the dishes just sit there. Interestingly enough, this is also akin to why I’m the type that can benefit from cannabis. Some might say a little OCD, but hey, what’s wrong with wanting things to be fresh and tidy? As I finished up the dishes I started to think of rewarding myself with a little dessert. It had been a long day and I’d been productive so I felt like I deserved a treat…

…and that’s when I remembered the brownie.

I’d gotten the brownie almost a week ago and, honestly, I was slightly worried I’d waited too long. Would it be stale? I also remembered the warning from DMV Organic’s excellent customer service rep, “BE CAREFUL!!! it’s made with distillate so you can’t really taste it!!!”

What is distillate? Through a refinement process the desirable compounds (like THC) are separated from the undesirable plant matter. What remains is a potent translucent oil that’s flavorless. Using a flavorless oil is great for edibles as it allows chefs to avoid poorly contrasting flavor profiles; you don’t want your brownies to taste earthy or piney right? DMV Organic’s distillate is made from organic Everest Darkstar 50/50 hybrid flower, is solvent-less, and absolutely a healthier way to get your cannabis, which I am ALL about.

I finished up in the kitchen and fetched the brownie. It was a pretty standard, delicious looking brownie and, holding it in my hand, I noticed both the quality of the packaging and the still existing softness of the brownie within. Now I was exceedingly confident in its freshness, which registered true as I tore it open. MMMMMmmmm - who doesn’t love that fresh chocolate brownie smell?

I’m experienced with edibles but at 200mg’s per brownie I thought it was best to take their advice, proceed with caution, and eat only half at first. Made with dark CaCao it had an abundance of chocolaty flavor. Cacao is also the reason dark chocolate is considered to have such plentiful health benefits. A notable source of flavonoids, CaCao may have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health while boosting mood and energy too. It comes as no surprise that it’s considered a superfood given high levels of antioxidants (more than blueberries), iron, calcium, and magnesium. You might even say that I’m not really having dessert - instead I’m eating superfoods and being healthy (or something)! haHA!

An hour passed and I’m feeling pretty nice so I think it’s safe to eat the other half of the brownie. It wasn’t until an hour later, when I realized I’d been shaping up my beard for WAY too long, that I realized how truly high I was. You ever have that moment where you realize you’re high as fuck in the bathroom? I was having that moment. DMV Organics was right; their brownie is the ninja assassin of edibles. It’s so unassuming since it’s made with distillate and you can’t taste it, but believe me, and my well trimmed beard, that it’s there.

DMV Organics makes their brownies local in DC. They are nut free, and if frozen have a shelf life of 6 months. If you have specific dietary restrictions they are more than happy to accommodate for orders placed in advance. Honestly, this is one of the more solid pastries I’ve had in DC and its potency is not to be second guessed! To get your hands on one (or many) give DMV Organics a shout today!


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