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Deadband #7 - Evermore (Maryland)

Deadband #7 is an Evermore phenotype bred from Headband and Skunk #1. It’s labeled as a

hybrid with a potent THC level of 27.9%, but the actual indica/sativa ratio remains a mystery. I’d gather that it’s an even or near-even hybrid as the laid back high makes this strain suitable for any time of day.

It sets in behind the eyes and allows you to relax your shoulders, unclench your jaw, and drift away without completely knocking you out. With a dominant terpene of myrcene (2.4%) this strain has a skunky flavor with pleasant notes of tart cherry on the exhale.

The nugs are pale mint with a frothy coating of crystals, glazed over like a donut, making the hairs look even darker and thicker. Small and triangular, they’re shaped like a Christmas tree but sized like an ornament.

This particular batch was sensitive to the touch, breaking up easily to the point where a grinder wasn’t necessary. If we look to its parents, Headband is known to create a slight pressure around the head, and the crowd-pleasing Skunk #1 serves as the Simon & Garfunkel of hybrids: around since the 70s and highly influential. They must have done something right, because there’s truly nothing not to like about their child, Deadband #7.


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