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Infused Espresso Cookies - Cannabake DC

Got a stoney sweet tooth AND need a little pep in your step? Well the culinary wizards over at DC cannabis edibles delivery service, Cannabake DC, have baked up these espresso cookies with just such a goal in mind. They have 100mg THC in each cookie along with espresso beans somehow mixed into the batter and if you like cookies and coffee like I do, get ready for a sumptuous experience.


There's brilliance in this sweet and robust batter and each one is done to perfection so that it's super sticky, smooth, and with exquisite flavor. According to the Toker team, who are all gleefully jacked up and in a stoney, giggly gaggle, these cookies might be the best type for daytime consumption, yet.


Taking it slow and not eating very much to start with is a good idea - especially for those who have less experience with cannabis edibles. Given how good each bite is this it will require much will power to abstain from devouring the whole cookie in one sitting. But, hey, just because you love the taste of coffee doesn't mean you're going to chug a whole pot, right?


As we've discussed before, a best practice with infused cookies like this is to cut each one like a pizza and then calibrate accordingly. For example, if it's cut in 8 slices, then that's roughly 12.5mg per slice. This certainly makes things a little easier and it's also easier to dip them in milk or coffee depending on your preference.


Though these cookies are not gluten free, Cannabake does have the ability to make custom orders with that option - another testament to their skill and customer-centered approach. There are even dark chocolate and sea salt sprinkled ones that they just came out with.

To have a batch of these or any of Cannabake DC's amazing baked goods delivered to you or your next event just give them a shout today. When you do, don't forget to let them know you heard about them on Toker's Guide!

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