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Fireside Infused S'mores & Two Devils Chocolate

Updated: Jun 12

If you’re into adult use cannabis innovations around iconic American treats then do I have an idea for you! As previously introduced, Two Devils Sweets and Treats are an i71 compliant, premier gifter of luxurious chocolates. They produce a plethora of artisanal styles that have continued to wow us in both flavor and quality.


It became my responsibility to decide between gifts of milk chocolate and dark chocolate in varieties like candied orange crunch and peppermint bark, to discern one to be highlighted as a truly standalone product on the digital pages of Toker's Guide. Well to be honest, I was having trouble shouldering this responsibility and discerning a favorite chocolate to highlight. This was because their whole product catalogue is the stuff of a chocolatier’s dreams. How could I pick just one?

In an effort to objectively make a decision and focus my energy into a singular choice, I decided to pick the chocolate bar that I felt would work best for one of my favorite treats and something that I think the whole community can get behind!

I am a huge fan of all fireside activities and I frequently camp and barbecue outdoors in the summer. But, what I absolutely adore are those cool fall nights with a cozy bonfire and a group of friends. It's at these types of events that I find myself consuming cannabis and devouring our culturally venerated, super simple dessert of the ages, the s’more.


If you, in fact, need a recipe for s'mores here you go:


- Graham crackers

- Marshmallows

- Chocolate (in this case Two Devils' Dark Chocolate with Maldon Sea Salt).


1). Take a graham cracker.

2). Add a piece of Two Devil's chocolate to the top of it.

3). Take a marshmallow and roast it on a fire or grill. Some people prefer lightly toasted, some prefer charred to a crisp, and everything between is acceptable too. You pretty much can't go wrong here until you figure out what you like and don't like. My preference is to roll the marshmallow making the whole thing evenly roasted and gooey.


4). Add the fire roasted marshmallow to the top of the chocolate that you have laid on top of the graham cracker.

5). Finally, add another graham cracker to the top and compress into a sandwich.


It is against the backdrop of the illustrious s’more that I crafted my decision for my favorite gift from Two Devils Sweets and Treats, and I asked myself a simple question: At the end of the day, whenever I get the time to enjoy said relaxing fire-based activity, what's the flavor that really speaks to my taste buds?


My answer to this question is without a doubt their infused dark chocolate with maldon sea salt. This luxurious example of dark chocolate decadence is accentuated by the hand harvested, artisanal maldon sea salt bringing a gloriously sweet and salty contrast to the palate. To me, this is quite exceptional and a sheer highlight to any s’more.


Because their product is so well-designed and their packaging so clearly-labeled, Two Devils has made it quite easy to dose out onto the graham cracker base of your s'more. Note that each individual chocolate square equates to 20mg. Personally, given my high tolerance, I was able to both fit and thoroughly enjoy 4 squares on my graham cracker. Of course, this is because I know the kind of dosages which work best for my tolerance. As always, I stress to know your own dosage and take things slow. A single square with just 20mg can be plenty for most people and the square fits conveniently inside a marshmallow for those of you next level s’more makers that like to melt your chocolate inside your melted marshmallow!


Two Devils Sweets and Treats Dark Chocolate Maldon Sea Salt is the perfect addition to your year round s’more schedules. It provides the perfect simple flavor elevation that highlights the best parts of one of our favorite cultural treats, and delivers a smooth and calming wave of relief upon digestion. It is truly the way to end any evening of fireside activity and I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy an infused s’more one day soon. Two Devils chocolate bars are great for nearly all things cannabis and chocolate related, but their Maldon Sea Salt is the perfect way to elevate your next s’more experience!



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