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Florida Strawberries - Cannabist, Carytown (VA Medical)

Updated: Apr 9

Strain: Florida Strawberries

Market: VA Medical Cannabis

Overall Rating: 8.2/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Initial Thoughts

The slew of flower that gLeaf dropped recently has caught my attention because of the high THC content and high terpene percentages that each batch has been testing at. I was speaking with the budtenders at Cannabist in Carytown and they let me know there are actually two batches of Florida Strawberries in circulation and I got the more potent one! It’s always fun opening up the jar to reveal one ginormous nug - I almost want to leave it untouched so it can be preserved in all its beauty.



Tiny white trichomes twinkle and sparkle as the light catches it. I ended up breaking up the bigger cola to snap a few more pictures of the buds and I noticed some strawberry orange colored pistils when opening up and exposing the inside layers.


My batch consisted of one large nug that fit quite snug into the container. This is the biggest bud I have received from the program to date.


Fresh, curing bud. I smoked it 10 days after the package date. Hopefully, this is a good sign things are starting to speed up with the BoP’s approval process.



Sweet notes of berry and citrus.


I wanted this to taste like strawberries so badly - it did not. However, the taste was fresh and pleasant. It tasted like warm berries and left an aftertaste I didn’t want to depart from my palate.


Originally bred by Jungle Boys, Florida Strawberries is a slightly indica-leaning cross of Strawberry Shortcake and TK Bx1.



The effects on this batch of Florida Strawberries were less indica-leaning than I anticipated. It was a relaxing cerebral experience that left my mind totally chilled out, but I still felt some energy in my body and I wasn't drowsy at all.


I’m a big fan of this batch of Florida Strawberries that gLeaf just released in their most recent flower drop. Simultaneously, they also altered the pricing on their tiers, hopefully making their flower accessible to more people. Be sure to stop into Cannabist in Carytown before this batch of Florida Strawberries sells out because I have a feeling it won’t last long. Make sure you let them know you heard about it on Toker’s Guide!


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