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Gelato Cake - Liberty Cannabis (Rockville, MD)

Sample: Gelato Cake

Cultivator: District Cannabis Terpenes: Limonene 1.33%, Linalool 0.47%, Caryophyllene 0.44%, Alpha Pinene 0.23% Dispensary: Liberty Cannabis Rockville (


Let’s not kid ourselves. The first thing that jumped right out of the online menu and shouted ‘try me, I’m amazing’ was the 32.6% THC. *** NERD ALERT *** Admittedly, I was hesitant about this strain due to the lower levels of myrcene, the great brain and THC conduit. The 0.23% pinene suggests sativa characteristics possibly explaining myrcene levels. ***END NERD ALERT*** Sure, I had to sift through a few other options in the plus 30% range and go outside my comfort zone to land on Gelato Cake by District Cannabis, but this was an itch in need of a good scratch.


(Note: the bags above are from a prior batch that tested at 27%. This bag was left more photogenic as, apparently, I was just too excited and tore into the new bag)

District Cannabis flower comes in your standard resealable plastic pouch which is great for light and air protection assuming the pouch is truly sealed, but be careful you don’t squish your buds! A sweet citrus funk noseblinded me upon opening the pouch. Woo-wee, those are some super dense nugs able to break windows or keep cars from rolling away. The cure was slightly dry, but maybe it’s the end of this batch. No matter, there’s a number of ways to rehydrate buds, and the quality was right.


Try breaking these buds before grinding them due to density. Gelato Cake tastes like it smells, devilishly citrus and slightly gassy. After a few tubes I found myself questioning this decision. Luckily, this bud is creepy. Before long I was filled with relaxation, wonderment, and introspection. Couch lock felt like it was right around the corner, but that pinene simply kept everything moving. You know you’re roasted, but being a functional human should be a real option. Gelato Cake is a great option for all day. It hits hard, but doesn’t insist on naptime. What other deliciousness does District Cannabis have? Check 'em out here or head to Liberty Cannabis Rockville.


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