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Grapple Pie - Kali Kraves

From DC recreational (i-71) delivery squad Kali Kraves, this Grapple Pie is a balanced cross of the astoundingly potent Apple Fritter and Grape Gasoline. It can make you feel uplifted at first, but soon settles into a highly relaxed and euphoric buzz that seems to emanate from your head, much like a solid batch of Headband might.


Perhaps most striking about this specimen, however, is its pungent aroma. There are strong vapors of gas and diesel blended with a creamy Gelato essence and just a hint of apple. It's the kind that's begging to be rolled up for a long sit on the patio or deck during some excellent summer weather.


For me, I looked up from my Kindle after finishing the joint and the whole world seemed brighter, with the sun emblazoning aforementioned headband around my head. Everything felt a bit cozier too and I caught myself grinning thinking of all the bird songs going on around me.


Good thing this comes in a well-designed jar too, or the smell might have permeated my whole neighborhood, not to mention my house. What am I saying? It DID permeate my whole neighborhood - I just smoked a joint on my patio for crying out loud! Maybe that's what all the birds are singing about? Man this weed gets me stoned! 🤤


To grab some of this Gapple Pie gas for yourself just hit up Kali Kraves and setup your gift delivery today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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This strain has such an amazing smell that 5 minutes after I have broken a bud my fingers still smell of the most beautiful aroma. Absolutely captivating. It has dark spots light spots covered in crystals and the high is incredible. Don't be fooled by Leafly telling you that this strain is just grape pie it's a completely different strain made up of what it says here. Not to be missed! As I'm into it now it's very creative. It gets your brain running smoothly all in one direction well seemingly allowing for the impossible and strange. Uplifting, creative, and laid back. Your brain and body feel fuzzy but your mind is clear and open.

Me gusta
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