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GTKC Infused Hot Chocolate - Sugar Ray's DC

On a cold, blustery winter's day, there's not much better to warm one's heart and soul than a delicious mug of hot chocolate (true chocoholic here). What could make a hot chocolate even more tantalizing and glorious than it already is? I'm glad you asked. Infuse it with 50mg of THC, of course!


Luckily the culinary masterminds behind DC's Georgetown Kushcakes have already gone to great lengths to make sure that you have a mesmerizing experience (and not f**k it up). Yes they've packaged the whole of a hot chocolate, marshmallows included, into a tidy little jar ready for your spontaneous enjoyment. Simply add one cup of hot water and POOF a magic portal, to a delightfully giggly relaxed state, will appear in the mug of your choosing.


By the way, we grab all of our Georgetown Kushcake (GTKC) gifts from DC i-71 delivery and customer service experts, Sugar Ray's DC. If you haven't done a delivery with Sugar Ray's yet, please know that they are one of the most punctual, friendly and customer-centric services we've found.


Pro tip: Don't drink your hot chocolate too fast! First and foremost, it will burn you if it's too hot, but you also don't want to be jettisoned too far afield by consuming too much too fast. As with all edibles, and hot chocolate, go slow. In this case you can sip slow and, thus, savor the flavor and it's warm glow, for longer.

For your own warm and cozy treat hit up Sugar Ray's today and have some of these amazing GTKC hot chocolate gifts delivered for you and your friends! Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you.

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