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Guava & Four New Cannons - Elevated Lounge

If you haven't had a chance to try a Cannahiba Cannon from DC recreational storefront Elevated Lounge yet you need to. Not only are they a seriously smooth and flavorful toke, but they can get you and three friends completely squinty for hours from one session. What makes these Cannons so splendid? In this review we'll dive into an awesome sativa strain they're using in a Cannon currently, as well as three other amazing flavors you can select from, to show you.


A sativa-dominant hybrid creation that's actually a tropical fruit forward Gelato phenotype, this Guava runs about 80/20 on the sativa/indica spectrum. Not just fruity, there are a plethora of other flavors and aromas that seem to blend together with this batch. Some might call it "super exotic" or the "za-za", and they would be correct - this bud is highly unique with a funky, delicious flavor that's more like the whole fruit farm (and add a skunk) than just the guava.


Looking at the starry, fresh trichomes lets me know that this is fresh bud that was harvested relatively recently. Also notable is the immense density it possesses along with the beautiful coloration. There are hues of aquamarine and flecks of deep blues and purples, all interspersed with fiery red hairs. On the inside it's like a geode with a massive amount of twinkly trichs that haven't even remotely begun to turn white.

That same bud above is what is de-stemmed and ground to make the gorgeous creation you see below known as a Cannahiba Cannagar. It's not shake from the bottom of a bag. It's not the stuff that they couldn't get rid of a month ago that they just rolled up. It's fresh, amazing, heady, bud....and that's frankly why they're so phenomenal.


In the image below you can even verify my previous statement by noting the fresh, bright green and noticeable trichomes that are visible in the guts I partially dissected from one of the cannons. Currently available in Hawaiian Runtz (sativa-dom), Do-si-Dos (indica-dom), London Pound Mintz (indica-dom), and Guava (sativa-dom), I can confirm that all are spectacular and worth a try. Just be sure that if you try one and put it out, and then try another and put it out, that you put them back in their properly labelled containers afterwards. Otherwise, you might be a little surprised when it's 930pm and you think you're lighting a Do-si-Do cannon, but it turns out to be Guava. 🤭


So what are you waiting for? Head to Elevated Lounge ASAP and grab some of these phenomenal Cannons along with their other great gifts (flower, live resin carts, etc.) that catch your fancy. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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