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Guava Kush - Green Label Grinders

Greetings fellow tokers! Today, I am SO stoked to welcome our newest addition to the Toker Top 5, Green Label Grinders. I've had my eye on Green Label for a while now and I've gotten a few people over the past couple months who have recommended that I start reviewing I did...and they're awesome!

One thing that I loved right off the bat was how professional they were. Their bags are super cool, they have a multitude of interesting high-quality gifts (including pods that work with Juul - more on these in a future article), and their communication was perfectly on point.

When I mentioned I'd had my eye on them, more often than not this was watching their cultivation efforts as broadcasted on Instagram. It was refreshing to see them doing it right locally and documenting the progress. I was also excited to see that the end product was released on schedule and looked prototypical of the strains utilized, not to mention beautiful!

This Guava Kush is no exception. As soon as I opened the bag my heart leaped with excitement and my mouth started watering. It was obviously fresh, yet excellently cured, and its aroma was a delightfully effervescent tropical fruitiness. In the vape, the sweet, exotic, fruitiness shines through almost so much that you might think you could juice the buds and make a boat drink with some rum (don't actually try this). In a joint....there it is again, the amazing fruitiness. Seriously people, this is a deliciously fruity batch.

While the heredity of Guava Kush is largely unknown, some quick online research reveals that it is in fact a sativa dominant varietal running about 65/35. This is definitely expressed in her effects, which are quite uplifting, energetic, and euphoric. However, the mental vibe is still one of calm and relaxed giddiness. Truly a very interesting and exotic sativa heavy hybrid.

In terms of structure, anytime you put a fat sack into a small bag some of the buds will get a little compressed. As I've mentioned before, I'm ok with this. It's all going to get broken up at some point anyways, right? Also, note that sativa's tend to grow more stringy and so you're not necessarily going to get perfectly symmetrical cone shaped buds like you might with an indica. My guess is there's even some haze in this one's lineage - hazes tend to be elongated as these buds are.

Looking past a little compression, a discerning eye first catches the sheer amount of trichomes, then the brilliantly exotic green. These buds are fluffy, spongy and were very healthy at harvest. There's no discoloration, the calyxes are mature and well-formed, the stems are a brittle white (a sign of proper nutrient levels/absorption), and there's no grassiness whatsoever. When burned the resulting ash is brilliantly white meaning it was expertly flushed as well.

Overall, I'm immensely enjoying the exotic fruitiness and blissfully energetic effects of this wonderful batch of Guava Kush. The fact that I know it was excellently cultivated in DC just makes it all the more sweet! I highly recommend you hit up Green Label and get some for yourself asap!


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