Jacky White - Green Label Grinders

First of all, let me say that I hope everyone is feeling well. I know this whole thing has impacted everyone's lives and businesses (including this one), but there are a few bright spots that I see. As an optimist, I'd thought I'd share what I noticed:

1). Many, many people are out and about exercising

2). People are being ultra kind to others, even with the social distancing

3). Some of your favorite I-71 businesses are still going

Let's talk about number three for a second shall we?

Without question, I think I-71 businesses are essential businesses. People need to get their weed like people need to get their groceries...and other medicines for that matter. So I'm happy to see the bravery from these crews who are keeping things going. The ones I know are also being EXTRA careful in their operations and doing their part to make sure their people, clients and co-workers alike, stay healthy.

One of these businesses is Green Label Grinders. These guys are awesome, super professional, and their gifts are some local excellence. Take the below Jacky White, for example. This is an impeccably grown, sativa heavy hybrid, and a cross of the famous Jack Herer (big fan) and White Widow. This is really such a treat, guys. It's super uplifting and creative. It had me moving like a pot of coffee in the morning for sure, but none of that edgy feeling you sometimes get with sativa's (probably the beauty of the Jack influence).

From a flavor standpoint there are notes of grapefruit and a subtle sweetness I want to call marshmallow. The citrus aroma and flavor lends itself very well to the vape, and it's surprisingly smooth given its strength - in bowl, joint, or bong (I tried all three ;)

Overall I would call this one:

- Energizing, but strangely balanced

- Deliciously flavorful, but slightly sweet

- Powerfully strong, but smooth

- Highly cerebral, but also euphoric

To get your own, hit up the folks over at Green Label Grinders asap. They're still going strong, but I have a feeling that now might be a good time to stock up with a little more than usual. Until next time, take care fellow tokers and stay safe out there!


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