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Handicap Gummy by Jokes Up! - Cheeba DC

Handicap Gummy is a name we're not super keen on for this otherwise awesome "Joke's Up!" designer cut currently available at DC recreational (i-71) storefront Cheeba DC. This is because we don't condone what some of the bag art depicts - a tragically injured gummy bear in a wheel chair smoking a blunt. We love gummy bears and would never want to see any of them hurt!

That said, we do have a duty to report on the best weed in DC and this is certainly a batch of flower that we want everyone to know about. So, without further delay, I give you: Handicap Gummy...


Perhaps, the bag art is actually a good thing, though? People are always talking about how they don't want cannabis products to look like candy so that kids don't get confused. Isn't this, at least, a little less confusing? The gummy bear has a face tattoo of an ice cream cone for crying out loud!


Anyhow, we're unsure about the lineage or genetics of this varietal, but my guess would be that there's some Gummiez and some Gelato involved. Definitely give this one a grind and throw it in your best hemp wrap or Raw paper. The mega piney, hashy, slightly fruity flavor tastes exquisite on the palate and burns like a dream.


In terms of effects, it seems like a balanced hybrid and has some immense euphoria that will envelop you and leave you in stoney bliss for hours. It's calming, but not too sedating and there's a strongly cerebral aspect to the buzz as well. The potency was clear to me as soon as I spied the heavy amount of trichomes blanketing each bud, but this was confirmed once smoked and as the mesmerizing high set in.

Head on over to Cheeba DC today to grab some of these Handicap Gummy packs for your own exotic designer cannabis collection. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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