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Huckleberry Kush - Euphoria DC

Good morning tokers! For many of you this is probably a vacation week as you look to travel to family or get ready for holiday festivities. Though one might think vacation was originally planned around rest, rejuvenation, and recuperation, many now find it to be synonymous with stressful. But, have no fear! Toker's Guide is here and we've got a doozy of a specimen to help cross the anxiety off your list of holiday grievances this year.


One of the most relaxing and cheery daytime experiences from a Kush varietal that I can recall in recent memory, this phenomenal Huckleberry Kush is currently available from DC spa-like i-71 store and wellness gurus, Euphoria DC. A cross of indica Afghani and the nearly 50/50 hybrid Huckleberry, we love this varietal for its succulently fruity aroma and immense potency, but most notable is the smoothness of its toke. You absolutely have to roll this up in a raw or virgin paper to experience it the way it was meant to be.


The buzz is one of enchantment and wonder. You might find yourself day dreaming frequently and pondering topics of extraordinary fascination, only for them to slip away as the next train of thought overtakes. The euphoric body buzz is a given with afghani in the lineage, but the escape-from-reality head trip was somewhat unexpected, especially at that level of intensity.


So, why fret through the holidays when you can glide through them with a smirk on your face? Maybe, at the level of comfort afforded by this batch, you could even just rock a bathrobe or pajamas the whole time and see if anyone says anything? 😂 To find out head over to Euphoria DC today and grab some Huckleberry Kush for yourself. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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