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Infused Brownie Bites - Cannabake DC

Updated: Jun 12

Cannabake DC continues their reign as one of the best edible producers in The District. They have especially unique creativity when it comes to baking their infused treats, and since they are an i-71 cannabis edible delivery service they’re bringing these awesome creations directly to your doorstep. Their edibles are a great option for an alternate consumption method but don't be afraid to check out their wide selection of other THC products as well!


Presenting the Infused Brownie Bites, these baked goods are a clever twist on high quality treats. Looking more like fudge balls, they are coated in a hard chocolate shell, have a gooey and fudgy center, and are packed with 25mg each. They smell like fresh baked brownies with a delectable chocolate and fudge scent along with a tiny hint of weed aroma. 


I had high expectations going into eating these, especially since as a kid I used to live on the Brownie Little Bites. First, they taste delicious with a true chocolate and fudge brownie flavor. Second, the hard coating on the outside and the gooey center are completely different consistencies that combine effortlessly in my mouth. Last, they have THC in them, who’s going to complain about that? 

Each Brownie Bite packs a 25mg punch and you get four in an order. This makes it really convenient for those that like to dose their edibles - you can cut each Brownie Bite in half giving you 8 different pieces at 12.5mg each. In my case, it was too hard to say no to the deliciousness and I ended up eating 50mg, or two Brownie Bites, which left me very happily medicated. 


Note that you can also place custom orders and they have a wide variety of ingredients and combinations available including vegan and gluten free options. Want to add a little buzz to your next event? Why not order a tray of brownie bites for an out-of-this-world dessert table?

Edibles are such a fun consumption method because they allow the creator to unleash their culinary potential in creative fashion. Baking is just as much an art form as any other medium and the bakers at Cannabake DC truly know how to express themselves artistically. To experience their artistry for yourself and try out these awesome Brownie Bites just give them a shout and place your order today. Be sure to mention that Toker’s Guide sent you!

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