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Infused Duffins - Cannabake DC

I'm a huge muffin fan in general - what's better than a little fruity, crumbly cake in the morning? But, have you ever had a duffin? Yes, to take things to another level of breakfast style dessert, some forward thinking bakers decided to cross muffins with donuts making the super hybrid, duffins. With this type of "crossbreeding" going on in said bakery something tells me there's a good chance the originators of the duffin were also into cannabis. 🤔😂


Ready for another leg up in the breakfast cup of champions? The even more forward thinking creators over at DC recreational (i-71) cannabis bakery, Cannabake DC, have added cannabis infused duffins to their menu. That's right, now you can get all that epic crumbly, yet sticky and icing covered delectableness with your morning dose of ganja goodness baked right in!


Note that each duffin has 100mg THC so if you're not used to that kind of potency you'll want to take it super light and slow at first. For all those with high tolerance levels, you'll still want to be careful - these are so delicious it may be hard to limit yourself.


Of course, Cannabake DC can also take your special instructions and make different flavors of duffins or even account for food sensitivities. They're a truly magical kitchen that bakes all of their amazing treats in house so meeting customer's needs is not only a breeze, it's what they're setup to do.


To grab some infused duffins for yourself and check out all the mouthwatering goodies their menu holds, hit up Cannabake DC today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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