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Infused Hot Chocolate Bombs - Cannabake DC

Shoveling snow wouldn’t be the same without some hot cocoa heating up on the stove. It’s a winter weather tradition that I carried into my adulthood and enjoy to this day. Even though there hasn’t been much snow this winter, it hasn't stopped me from enjoying a nice mug of hot cocoa. Or, even better, infused hot cocoa. Like these Hot Chocolate Bombs from DC edibles delivery service, Cannabake DC, for example. They're quite the winter warmer and they're just as delicious when the snow isn't falling.


These delightful "bombs" are made to be dropped into a glass of hot water and once you do, they instantly started fizzing like an alka seltzer. Soon the once clear liquid will be transformed into a cannabis infused hot chocolate with 25mg of THC. Note that the convenient wooden spoon inserted into the cocoa cube makes it especially easy to mix up the concoction.


Before the cube melts, it has a strong cocoa and chocolate fudge smell. This chocolatey aroma transfers to the flavor once the drink is fully incorporated and the end result is a mega delicious hot chocolate that goes great with a dollop of whipped cream on top. The weed taste is unrecognizable here, so be careful leaving it unattended and don't consume too much at one time - even though you might want to given their delectableness.


I’ve had some cannabis infused drinks in the past, but nothing that's this unique. Usually I’ve found that drinks are metabolized in my body much easier than solid edibles making less THC needed for a dose. This is also why, at 25 mg of THC per bomb, these were so potent to me. I started feeling really mellowed out about 45 minutes after finishing the drink and I was, honestly, pretty stoney for the remainder of the day. Overall, it positively affected my mood and helped instill a deep sense of relaxation in my body and mind.


Hopefully you'll be able to skip all the snow shoveling for the rest of the winter and just opt for a relaxing glass of hot cocoa instead. To make that happen and try these Hot Chocolate Bombs for yourself just hit up Cannabake DC today and place your order for delivery. Don’t forget to mention that you heard about them on Toker’s Guide! 

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