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Infused Latte Bon Bons - District Derp

To be honest, I know almost nothing about bon bons. I know a lot about cannabis, but very very little about bon bons. Yet, here we are...with infused bon bons from DC i-71 rockstar delivery company District Derp. So, of these bon bons, I say to you what I can say about them with my present, existing knowledge of bon bons, which is that they are...awesome!


I'm not going to go out and become a bon bon master connoisseur and start making my own infused bon bons, but if I were and if I did, I would make them just like this. Apparently, there are a lot of other people who agree with me too because these are a top gifted item over at the Derp gallery. If you're not familiar, District Derp is a purveyor of pup-painted artwork who have excellent cannabis gifts.


These little delectable bite-sized morsels are so easy to just pop in your mouth on the go and at 10mg each the portion size and dosage control is right where I need it to be from an edible perspective. Public service announcement: Always take it slow with edibles. You cannot un-eat them easily. I say this because they are delicious and it's hard not to eat more than you should! The more you know... (cue the cheesy PSA music).


They're sweet and creamy with notes of coffee and hints of chocolate. The glittery sprinkles add to the fun with a little crunchy splash of candied sugar in each bite. Only want to take half? No problem, just take a bite and wrap it back up. Just make sure to refrigerate them - they do spoil!


To get your "bon bon on" just hit up DC i-71 delivery and pick-up pup-art service, District Derp, ASAP and don't forget to check out their great line-up of flower and whole flower carts as well. When you do, use promo code "DERPTOKERSGUIDE" for 10% off your order!

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