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Infused Marbled Brownie - CannabakeDC

Updated: Jun 12

If you're not familiar with DC i-71 edible gifting service CannabakeDC, and you're a fan of cannabis infused edibles, allow us to twist your arm a little and present to you this spectacular infused Marbled Brownie. With swirls of cream cheese and ooey gooey chocolate this isn't your average brownie, cannabis content notwithstanding. No this is a gourmet creation suitable for the most refined brownie palates. I don't know if they have official contests for brownies, but they should, and this one would be totally trophy worthy.


At 100mg each you'll want to size your portions according to what your experience and tolerance levels are comfortable with. For me, I have a super high flower tolerance, but my edible tolerance is no where near it. Therefore, I tend not to exceed 25mg during the daytime. At night, however, I will go up to 50mg knowing that if it zaps me, and sends me horizontal, it'll be more of a benefit than a disaster.


At 1/4 of a brownie, I was totally set - aside from the simple fact that I really, really wanted to devour the whole thing. It gave me a slowly strengthening, but highly cozy, buzz that never reached any point near discomfort, but definitely solved the soreness resulting from my morning run along with several other longer term ailments' pains. Note that it also made my typical allocation of flower for the day go much further - I needed less of it to solve my usual digestive issues (bonus!).


Another awesome aspect about these and the other treats from Cannabake is that they're generally able to accommodate and focus on special dietary concerns. If you're gluten free and vegan let them know and they can point you towards their ideal options.


So check out longtime DC edible gifters CannabakeDC and explore the delicious creations of their culinary cannabis craft today! Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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