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Infused Oatmeal Cream Pies - Cannabake DC

*Deal Alert: Mention "TokersGuide" in your Cannabake order and receive a free Cake Pop!*

As a kid I used to love eating oatmeal cream pie's and the taste of them is still nostalgic for me after all these years. These days you can find an awesome, oversized, infused, adult version of the classic dessert from DC cannabis edible delivery service Cannabake DC. Is it a cookie? Is it a pie? Whatever the category, Lil Debbie eat your heart out because these things are phenomenal!


At 100mg a cookie those who aren't experienced with and tolerant of infused treats will want to start low and slow. In fact, just a little pinch can get you started with this mammoth. As mentioned in our previous Cannabake DC review, using a pizza-cutting approach can help manage the portions well. The real trick is realizing that even though it tastes so wonderful, you should temper your urge to devour the whole thing all at once.


I mean just look at all that ooey gooey cream! You know that's going to be hard to resist once it's in front of you and, chances are, if you're reading this site you probably have the munchies already. Perhaps it's necessary to keep a box of the non-infused variety on hand just in case?


To get your fingers on these and all of Cannabake DC's other amazing baked goods just give them a shout today. When you do, don't forget to mention you heard about them on Toker's Guide to get your free Cake Pop!

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