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J1 - Trichome Honey Concepts

As a massive fan of trichomes I just had to check out Trichome Honey Concepts of DC. If you're not familiar, they're a small, but very hip and woman-owned cannabis club doing private appointments in the Adams Morgan area. Their focus is on the "headier" side of things with organic and local grown at the forefront of their mission. Of the assorted items they suggested for review, this J1 immediately caught my eye.


Clearly fresh and locally harvested, the nose is that of anise, skunk, and a sweet citrus combined. This aroma pours deeply into the flavor as well and, upon exhale, you'll notice a delightfully refreshing burst of citrusy flavor with the anise aftertaste.

In structure, you can see the quality of the genetics and the knowledge of the cultivator bringing to bear what ought to be a requirement for any flower of this I-71 vendor, heavy trichomes. Its fluffy, supple, yet sticky texture is another clue as to the freshness of this harvest. My only criticisms would be higher density and a slightly better flush, but this is being quite picky and for east coast small batch/homegrown it's pretty great.


A crossbreed of infamous Skunk #1 and legendary Jack Herer (one of my all-time favorites) her effects are solidly on the sativa side of the house with about a 70/30 ratio. Yet, with the haze aspects of her heredity, expect to experience much more mental clarity and an energetic head high without the edginess provided by some sativas. You can certainly knock out a to-do list, but you might find that, with the creativity afforded, undertaking a constructive activity will be the most enjoyable experience.


We hope to bring you more from Trichome Honey Concepts line of gifts soon. For now if you're in the market for a fresh, local-grown, hazy, citrus powerhouse of a toke give them a shout today and put some of this J1 in your coffers. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


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