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Keto Bites (100mg) - CannabakeDC

Even if you're not on a keto diet, these Keto Bites from DC recreational (i-71) delivery and culinary geniuses, CannabakeDC, are delicious and highly effective. Being so delicious at 100mg requires restraint from those without a high tolerance for infused treats. But, those looking for a quick and diet-aligned solution who are used to incorporating edibles in their routine will find these to be a great option and one packed with natural protein (warning this product contains nuts).


They're easily pop-able and I believe the nuts incorporated, including pecans and peanuts, are roasted to make them softer. I would relate them to the very similar, though un-infused, Kind bars that I'm sure you've seen in your snack aisle. Given that I eat those for breakfast sometimes anyways, it was a simple substitute to find out what these bites were all about. Let's just say they kept me mellow and on cloud nine for the majority of my day. 🤗🤤


Got something ailing you but unable to partake in flower in your current habitat? CannabakeDC will come to your rescue with these Keto Bites and much, much more! Check out their vast and broadly diverse array of amazing gifts (including flower, carts, edibles, and concentrate) and then setup your delivery today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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