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Keto-Friendly Energy Oat Balls - Cannabake DC

As the description on their menu puts it, these little energy oat balls of delight make you "feel good on so many levels". I'm not on a Keto diet or anything, but I can confirm there's not only a really nice stoney buzz packed in them, there's also some kind of special energetic glow that I felt too. If you haven't checked out DC recreational delivery service Cannabake DC yet, these are just another one of their magnificent edible gift creations that you've been missing out on. 🤷‍♂️


They're so delicious that you'll definitely have trouble not eating them all, and you may even look up recipes for how to make them sans THC infusion. By the way, be careful to mind your own tolerance levels and take things slow as these are quite strong at 200mg per pack. I have a high tolerance and I still take tiny bites and wait about 30 minutes between them - and just know that this is exercising some extreme self-control.


In fact, having to look at all these delicious treats again is making my mouth water while writing this review. I might even have to have my neighbor hide them from me lest I eat another one and risk going full comatose in my living room. And this while I was just talking up my "self-control".


If you're into oat-rich, craisin loaded healthy snacks as your cannabis delivery system then look no further than these protein-packed energy oat balls. Just hit up Cannabake DC to grab some for yourself and don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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