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King Kong Piss - Hotbox Uptown

Strain: King Kong Piss

Service: Hotbox Uptown

Service Type: DC i-71 Storefront

Overall Rating: 8.8/10

Lean: Hybrid

Initial Thoughts

With a name like King Kong Piss it’s hard not to be intrigued by the latest offering from DC i-71 storefront dispensary, HotBox Uptown, and that's even before seeing or smelling the sample. The names that stoners come up with for strains never cease to amaze me, but I’m just glad it didn’t taste anything like the name in a literal sense. 😅



Greens and purples collide to create a distinct contrast in colors on these dense, rotund buds. The trichomes are abundant and still white.


Fresh, but beginning to cure. Perfect moisture.


A pungent and mega skunky aroma was immediately noticeable. Notes of tropical fruits and fuel combine to demonstrate just how fresh this batch is.



The first thing I noticed was the smoothness that this King Kong Piss had toke after toke. Sweet inhales that lead to effortless exhales. It took me about half the joint before I keyed in on the grape flavor that makes this strain extra enjoyable. Gassy, grape-like, and slightly sour is how I would characterize the aftertaste of this batch. Delicious.


The lineage for King Kong Piss is unknown, but one can assume it's a cross of King Kong and Cheetah Piss. We also believe it to be a balanced 50/50 hybrid.


As I lit up, the first few draws lifted my spirits and energized my mind. The effects are mostly cerebral, but my body did appreciate the gentle soothing and calming effect that melted away any stress or tension. Perhaps most notable for me was the immense case of munchies I experienced. I had to raid my pantry in a way King Kong would have been proud of - already deciding what to eat next while I stuffed my face with the last snack.



This strain exceeded my expectations and King Kong Piss lived up to its bold name because it checked every box for me: flavor, scent, and effects. Not to mention, it helped clear up a headache I felt forming in the back of my neck. To get your hands on gigantically potent and deliciously fresh buds like this King Kong Piss just head HotBox Uptown today. When you do, don’t forget to mention that you heard about them on Toker’s Guide!

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