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L.A. Confidential - gLeaf (VA Medical)

Time to slow things down, chill out, and relax with some L.A. Confidential. This child of OG LA Affie and Afghani is an Indica dominant strain grown by gLeaf and purchased at Beyond/Hello, Sterling. These larger dank buds smell piney and earthy and just like its scent, the smoke tastes of resin and pine similar to a good IPA made with Simcoe hops. Having a similar terpene profile to Simcoe, L.A. Confidentials top terpenes are Pinene and Myrcene based on the lab test results printed on package.

It helps me unwind after a long day by putting my mind and body at ease. You know when it starts to kick in when you feel that drop in your tense shoulders and you no longer feel like you need to do a million things at once. This kickass strain is good for meditation and to help get rid of the jitters. It is also perfect for those who wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. Just smoke a quick bowl and it’s lights out in no time, especially for those who don’t smoke regularly.

I have purchased L.A. Confidential by gLeaf a few times now and every time the buds are a nice size and dense. This particular batch is a couple of months old but, you can tell that it was packaged with care to ensure quality up until the listed expiration date this coming March. Can’t wait to try the next batch of L.A. Confidential by gLeaf!

Don’t forget to like and follow to get updates like my next review of Chem Dawg from Beyond/Hello’s premium brand “The Bank”. Check out what L.A. Confidential has to offer for you and let your dispensary know you heard about it on Toker’s Guide. Still need a VA Medical Card? Check out this Veriheal link and get started today.


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