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LA Baker by Garcia Handpicked - Liberty Cannabis, Rockville (MD Medical)

Strain: LA Baker

​Dispensary: Liberty Cannabis

Location: Rockville, MD

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant Hybrid


Initial Thoughts

LA Baker is a strain from Holistic Industries that's part of their Garcia Hand Picked collection and currently available at Maryland medical cannabis dispensary Liberty Rockville. I'm familiar with and very fond of another Garcia Hand Picked strain, Florida Kush, which is a similar kushy cross of LA Kush Cake by the same breeder, Jungle Boys. This batch, in particular, came out gorgeous, pungent, and potent with some intensely heavy trichomes. I'm psyched that Holistic Industries is bringing these types of enticing and sought after strains from such renowned breeders to my home state of Maryland!


These beautiful light green nuggets have fiery orange pistils and are completely covered in a thick coating of snowy trichomes.



Compact, but more fluffy than dense in composition. The immense amount of trichomes make it a great cultivar for hash production.


Very fresh with lots of resin, starry and white trichomes. Becomes very sticky when breaking it up.



Strong, distinctive cake and fuel smells.


Delectable dessert elements and classic cake flavors create a really smooth creamy inhale, and a sweet but gassy exhale.


LA Baker is a popular new age creation and indica dominant hybrid from Jungle Boys that's a cross of LA Kush Cake #4 and Jungle Cake.


Smoking a joint of this batch made me feel creative, but in a leisurely way. My mind had fluid, nebulous thoughts and I was dancing around with a smile on my face at the beginning of my experience. However, as soon as I sat down to watch a movie I began to feel immense relaxation and euphoria set in. The calming vibes washed over me with greater and greater intensity and I soon made myself even cozier by going horizontal on my couch. Eventually the heaviness of the body buzz overpowered my interest in the movie and I drifted off to a magnificent night's rest.


If you're a fan of cake strains I definitely suggest picking up some LA Baker! Testing over 30% THC the potency cannot be overstated and the terpene levels are significant too coming in at a total of 2.3%. Its indica dominance is obvious and it makes for the perfect wind down to a long day. Liberty's dispensaries tend to keep it well-stocked and share it with other MD dispensaries as well, so it's an often available option across the state. Wherever you find it don't forget to mention you heard about it on Toker's Guide!


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