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Large Gummy Bag - DMV Organics

Greeting tokers! Jeremy Rider here reviewing another great gift from our friends at DMV Organics! Today we’ll be discussing the Large Sample Gummy bag they've put together with a variety of their awesome gummies, featuring various dosages. I swore an oath to uphold journalistic integrity, so I spent a week researching each gummy dosage from a sober baseline...several the name of science? Quit sweating me I’m out here in these streets figuring it all out so that you, dear reader, don’t have to! I also might be the only writer on staff that is SUPER into edibles but whatever, let’s get into it!

First off, as I’m sure many of you know, eating cannabis & inhaling it are too very different experiences. I’m not a doctor, so I encourage you to experiment responsibly. Eating cannabis products may affect you differently than what you’re used to, and definitely don’t operate any automobiles or heavy machinery. An individual’s body weight and metabolic rate, as well as what they’ve eaten or drank throughout the day, can all factor into the experience of edibles.

The large sample gummy bag features a variety of gummy shapes and dosages. Using organic distillate of an Everest X Dark Star flower, a 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid, the gummies are made right here in dc. This distillate, as I mentioned in my prior brownie review, is incredibly potent and has virtually no cannabis flavor. The gummies are also packaged really well every time, so they’re nice and fresh. In case they somehow get lost in the back of your fridge (doubtful) there’s an expiration date included. Across all gummies, the flavor and texture is excellent including the sour gummy option - where I have seen other vendors often falter.

As a long time recreational enthusiast I have a lot of experience with edibles. I’m also a lean guy with a fast metabolism and I’ve always seemed to have a pretty strong tolerance. After spending a week sampling each of these gummies' individual dosage from a completely sober baseline, my experiences were as follows:

Starting off with the lowest dosage, the gummy bear sports a 15mg dose. I really enjoyed this as I felt it was a great micro-dose. If you’re looking to just get a little tingle, this is for you. Personally I really enjoy micro-dosing as I feel it allows me to still run around doing boring grown up stuff without getting too lit. In these cases I am still able to move and function safely, still able to get all my work done. The bear probably kicked in within 45 minutes of consuming, and I was feeling pretty much sober again in a couple hours. I also toyed with having 2 or 3 bears at a time, and really enjoyed being able to increase my dosage in small 15mg increments. For me personally, anything below 50mg's is a walk in the park, anything above that and I’ve got to start taking on activities of a less serious nature.

Next up, the gummy worms. Big jump in dosage from the bears as the worms are carrying a 75mg dose. I tried this after I’d gotten home from work and within the hour had a very solid buzz going on. Honestly, this was quite an intoxicating dose as I spent the evening relaxing at home and then slept very, very well that night.

The next format is the 100mg gummy rings, and…well...these are no joke. Within an hour of eating i was quite buzzed and definitely incapable of operating anything responsibly - NO vehicles people! Several hours later I was still feeling the effects of the ring. Do not underestimate the strength of a 100mg dose!

Finally, the gummy leaf. At 200mg per dose, this is the strongest, most potent gummy available from DMV Organics. Needless to say, this got me VERY high and I pretty much melted into my couch, snuggling with my dog, where I subsequently passed out. Took about an hour to kick in and I was feeling it for probably about six hours. Definitely unable to even pretend to be a grownup in this scenario, I was still feeling slight effects the next day. NOT for the newbies at ALL!

With the total pack containing 10 Bears, 2 Worms, 2 Rings, and one Leaf, the Large Sample Gummy Bag is a delicious and highly effective way to spread your edible consumption across a significant period of time. Note that DMV Organics is also able to accommodate dietary restrictions and requirements based on order volumes, so if you’re looking for something specific, or if you’re in search of some fantastic gummies, reach out to them today!


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