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Lemon Vuitton - District Cannabis (DC & MD Medical)

Lemon Vuitton from DC medical marijuana cultivators, District Cannabis, is a potent hybrid strain with lip smacking taste and intensely uplifting potency. I found it perfect for day time use given the warm energetic glow it produced without any drowsiness. That said, some of my friends felt it was more balanced in our joint session together. Either way we all enjoyed the citrus notes and confirmed it to the "luxury" experience we expected given the "Vuitton" in the name. 👑


It arrived with authentic and certifiable information about the batch that let me know this sample tips the scales at 31.09% THC-A with a manufacture date of 9-12-2022. I think its safe to say that it doesn’t get too much more potent than this batch of herb here in the MD medical cannabis market. That's right folks, even though it's from District Cannabis this strain is available at both Maryland and DC dispensaries currently.


A combination of sativa-dominant Lemon Tree and indica-leaning Leopardhead Kush, this Lemon Vuitton is covered in trichromes and possesses a delightfully citrus, sour, and skunky flavor that reminds me very much of a Lemon Haze I grew a while back. The buzz is different and not quite as cerebral or spacey as a Haze, but it's still something that I think sativa fans will appreciate. I also found it to be creativity inspiring. Whether it's the stroke of a brush or the stanzas and bars of a rapper’s composition book, the high beckons to a higher state of self-expression.


Overall, this Lemon Vuitton lives up to its high class name and is one varietal that I'll aim to keep stocked in my stash box whenever possible. You can find it at medical dispensaries in Southern Maryland (MD medical patients only) and in Washington DC (full reciprocity for out of state patients plus self-certification), or go here to locate the District Cannabis purveyor near you.


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