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MAC 10 - The Safe House

Unmistakably, MAC genetics have gained popularity with tokers nationwide. Today we bring you the MAC 10 - or as we jokingly call it around the "office": Return of the MAC - from The Safe House. This newer addition to the lineup with its moderate, steady, long-lasting buzz is an immediate all-day favorite...and I do mean ALL DAY.

First, this was my wake-n-bake choice. In copious tokes, this MAC 10 slung me into the atmosphere as the rooster crowed. Side effects included me asking what color the time was? Handle with care, I say.😎

Not to be confused with the spicy space cabbage of a similar name called just plain MAC (a complex combination of Alien cookies x starfighter x Colombian), MAC 10 comes from the legendary MAC F2 x (Starfighter x Colombian) instead. This combination, an important distinction, offers higher than average THC test results reaching 32%. So you could say the MAC is back, and even stronger than before.

MAC 10 has been given the green light by connoisseurs country-wide for all-day use. The terpinolene found in this bud, which is known to have sedative effects, is only present in moderate amounts. Thus, keeping you on a steady stress-free, but highly relaxing, buzz all day is made possible.

When it comes to initial flavor, there are notes of soft, sweet, and citrus as first, with a gassy skunkyness on the exhale. The structure, trichome coverage, and suppleness of this bud all indicate to me that it was expertly grown and cared for.

New and highly effective strains like MAC 10 are a MUST-have when adding to your toker reserves and I definitely recommend keeping this one in your rotation. Stop by DC storefront The Safe House and grab some for yourself today!

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