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Oreoz - The Safe House

Greetings everyone! I am delighted to be welcomed into this ensemble of tokers as the newest reviewer! For my first review, I had the pleasure of sampling the sweetest... the iciest... the delectable... "Oreoz" from The Safe House. If you're not familiar with them they're a great I-71 storefront just a little ways down H street in NE DC. As the image on their bags appropriately implies, they have some very strong, very intense gifts 🤗 .


Upon opening the pack, your senses are flooded with a full and fresh sugariness, like the sweetest punch you've ever received. At first glance, it seems almost as though you're looking into the top of a famous Oreo Blizzard from Dairy Queen; the contrast between the light and dark colorations were that pronounced. It's not actually black and white, but you can definitely see how the name comes into play simply from appearances.


The hyper white trichomes (clearly the icing or stuffing in this analogy) are abruptly interrupted by stunning bursts of deep purple and green. Unlike the famous cookie we all love, however, this version is iced from the outside with an extravagant amount of trichomes piled on in the heaviest of layers. Is this strain meant to be based on "double stuffed" Oreos? It should be!

The strain Oreoz is a brilliant indica-heavy crossbreed of Secret Weapon x Cookies n’ Cream bred by 3rd Coast Genetics of Michigan. While it leans heavily in the Indica spectrum, it can be enjoyed day or night, in my opinion, since it's euphoric feels aren't overly sedative. It's extremely sticky, but still workable enough to make it a pleasure to pair with either your morning or evening paper 😉 .

At 26% THC and with sweet sugary flavor for days, this bud is a dessert all on its own. It's from my current blissful state of post "dessert" satisfaction that I recommend for you to check out The Safe House and add this treat to your toker stash today!

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