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MADD Fruit Full Melt Hash - HYFE

Strain: MADD Fruit

Service: HYFE

Service Type: DC Delivery Service

Overall Rating: 9.2/10

Lean: Sativa Dominant

Initial Thoughts

Currently, available from DC marijuana delivery service, HYFE, this MADD Fruit Full Melt hash has a phenomenally fruity aroma that will get your mouthwatering immediately. If you're not familiar with full melt hash it's some of the purest, most refined, and difficult to achieve. As the name implies, it's able to be melted fully without leaving any plant-based residue behind. The richness of the cannabinoids, the delectability of the terpene profile, and the tremendous potency are also hallmarks of the full melt format. In fact, with this batch of MADD fruit strain-oriented extract the flavor is bound to be...madd delicious. 🤪



Like a rich brown mass at first, but crumbly and blondish-white once chopped into.




An intense mixture of vibrant fruit and sweet pine.



In my Mighty vape the initial notes were similar to dried apricot and pear with lots of sweet pine mixed into the exhale.


The MADD Fruit strain is a cross of PapayaBerry Runtz x Moroccan Peaches that runs sativa dominant.


Highly cerebral with a blissfully energetic body buzz and overall tranquil feeling. Great for productivity and creative pursuits. It also helped quell my stomach and digestive issues with immediate effect. Probably best for daytime use, but not hard to handle at night - especially if you have some looming work to do.



Overall, I truly found this MADD Fruit full melt hash super enjoyable in both flavor and effects. The fruitiness is overt, but not too sweet and the complexity of the piney aspects lets you know you're dealing with something from superb genetics. The best part was the potent, yet delightful cerebral high that was a bit like a Jack Herer or Haze cultivar. To experience it for yourself hit up HYFE ASAP and don’t forget to mention that Toker’s Guide sent you!

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