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Medicated Apple Rings by DC MOTA - Hotbox Uptown

Strain: Distillate Blend

Service: Hotbox Uptown

Service Type: DC I-71 Storefront

Overall Rating: 8.4/10

Lean: Neutral

Initial Thoughts

This year for Thanksgiving while the rest of the family was preparing to eat apple pie, I was fixing myself up a serving of these DC MOTA Medicated Apple Rings available at DC i-71 marijuana dispensary, Hotbox Uptown. Packing a punch with 100mg of THC per ring it's going to be hard to limit myself to a dose that keeps me functioning around the in-laws. 😂



These Apple Rings are half semi-translucent green and half creamy white.


Fresh gummies that are a chewy consistency.


A straight sour green apple scent once the bag is opened.



True to their aroma, these rings deliver an identical sour apple taste with an added kick of distillate. The 100mg potency in each ring brings a noticeable weed flavor.


These edibles are made with high quality medical grade THC distillate.


Much like your standard high quality distillate infused edibles these didn't provide any full spectrum effects, however, they easily had me feeling their potency. At 100mg per Apple Ring it's easy to forget how strong they are because they taste so good. After eating two rings, I effortlessly coasted through the remainder of the day, perfectly timing the onset with my first plate of food. After a few plates, some dessert and a few downs of football later I found myself dozing off during Dolly Parton's halftime show, staying true to the food coma tradition.



DC MOTA's Medicated Apple Rings are not just a fun and consistent delivery method, they're also just what I needed to make it through my Thanksgiving celebrations. With a little joy and some happiness packed into every ring they're great for making any upcoming holiday family gatherings more tolerable. Not to mention they make great stocking stuffers too! Head to Hotbox Uptown to pick some up today and don’t forget to mention that Toker’s Guide sent you!

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