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Orange Drizzle Live Resin by Evermore - The Living Room (MD Medical)

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Strain: Orange Drizzle

​Dispensary: The Living Room

Location: Pikesville, MD

Overall Rating: 8.7/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant Hybrid

First Thoughts

Being a part of the Evermore family has taken me down many different paths beginning with flower and eventually graduating to concentrates. Given the recent awards they've won for their concentrates I was very interested in giving this Orange Drizzle Live Resin a try. The cold cure should allow for a really natural taste since it's been washed with water instead of butane. After giving it a whiff, I'm really looking forward to experiencing its terpy citrus flavor!


Creamy tan in color.


The Evermore glass jars have been doing their jobs in storage and this batch has had its freshness locked in.



A sweet orange creamy batter!


Inhale - Orange taste.

Exhale - Creamy Batter taste.



Orange Drizzle is a cross between Mimosa and Wedding Cake.


There are many ways to ingest concentrates, from puffco's to rigs. Depending on how you like taking them, you can have high or low temperatures. This will affect the taste, intensity and the overall nature of your experience. In my case, I prefer to use a mobile pen with a glass piece attached. I definitely got a relaxed feeling which lead to any anxiety or depression slipping away from my mind. (Linalool-0.44%) Also, I didn't have any hunger after using it. (Humuiene-0.42%) Thirdly, I notice that I was in a happier mood. (Limonene2.95%) Finally, any type of pain or discomfort was at ease. (B-myrcene-1.56%)

Total Cannabinoids – 86.42%

Total Terpenes – 7.54%



I enjoyed the ride of this Orange Drizzle and feel that it can be used either on the go or hanging out with friends. With such an amazing taste and mood enhancing effects its one that's sure to please. To pick some up for yourself just head to The Living Room dispensary, or your favorite purveyor of Evermore products, and tell them you heard about it on Toker's Guide!


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