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Panama Punch by The Bank - Cannabist, Carytown (VA Medical)

Strain: Panama Punch

Market: VA Medical Cannabis

Overall Rating: 8/10

​Lean: Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Initial Thoughts

This batch of Panama Punch from Cannabist in Carytown (Richmond, VA area) and cultivated by The Bank is the perfect tropical blend ready to send you to paradise. It’s a rare occasion when I find a sativa dominant strain that suits my needs. I prefer relaxing and euphoric strains but there are times when I need a clear minded burst of energy to help me get through my day. Prepare yourself for beautiful and tasty buds that are rumored to help with creativity, fatigue and headaches.



There's nice jar appeal on these buds because of the long and abundant trichomes. The buds consist of dark and lighter greens; just like the pistils that range in shades of orange.


Spear-shaped buds that are fluffy and hand trimmed.





Sweet with a light berry undertone. Breaking them open releases a strong peppery smell.


Hints of tropical fruits and berries with a hazy earthy aftertaste - very delicious.


Panama Punch is a cross of Panama Mean Green and Neville’s Haze that runs sativa dominant (70/30).



Initially, it started off as a very cerebral and heady high where my thoughts began to race. As I progressed, a mental clarity assisted in subduing a hyperaware state. Creativity sparked and a bout of the munchies crept up on me. This strain is perfect for someone looking to solve issues with appetite. I also think this the perfect strain to enjoy in nature, especially for walking the dogs or even a hike. It makes laziness disappear and activity seems to feel especially good.


The Bank continues to stake their claim as the best medical cannabis cultivator in the state of VA, presently. This Panama Punch was a flavorful treat that was exactly what I look for in a sativa dominant hybrid. Like most sativas this may induce anxiety if you are prone to that. However, for any experienced user it's a great strain to add to your daily routine to help promote productivity and a clear headspace. You can pick up some Panama Punch for your own stash at Cannabist in Carytown ASAP. Be sure to mention that Toker’s Guide sent you their way!


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