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Platinum Ice - Green Light DC

A cross of Platinum OG and Ice, this is some super rare and highly exotic indoor from DC recreational (i-71) storefront, Green Light DC. It runs on the indica side given the heavy OG Kush presence and despite the balanced nature of the Ice genetics. What's most notable about this batch is its intensely pungent aroma, which is kept intact by great packaging and a tight seal. As soon as you crack it open, though, be ready for everyone around you to know what you have in tow. ⛽️


This one's petro-fueled and overtly skunky aroma is in your face from the start for sure. People might be like, "Hey do you have a gas station in your backyard now or something?" And with the price of gas these days you don't want to give those kind of false impressions, ya know? Note that there are also hints of pepper, pine, and, perhaps, a smidge of sour cherry in there as well. Wether bong or papers, the flavor easily transcends any medium and the effects go immediately to your frontal lobe.


It's also highly potent, so expect to choke up a bit on the first few hits. With each exhale the body buzz became noticeably stronger for me and the sedative aspect was so intense I found myself in near paralysis while coming back from being lost in thought for a few minutes. Was it just a few minutes? It's almost like my brain was on...Ice. 😂🤦‍♂️


So go check out DC storefront Green Light and all their awesome gift items along with this Platinum Ice flower. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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