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Purple Pineapple - Beyond / Hello (Manassas, VA)

When you first open a container and take that classic wine sniff of this Purple Pineapple from Virginia medical marijuana dispensary, Beyond / Hello you get a an exotic, woody scent with fruity notes that are reminiscent of the tropics. This fruitiness comes out even more in the smoke, showcasing the star-studded heritage and high-terpene stance of this super enjoyable strain.

A sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing the classic Pineapple Express and Purps, I must say I was a little disappointed in its appearance at first. It had smaller buds and the color seemed inconsistent at best, but that’s about all the bad news there was. What it lacked in aesthetics it more than made up for in flavor and effects, and speaking of those effects, this bud really shined when it came to its sativa leaning high.

As someone who has ADHD as well as other needs for medical cannabis, this strain is perfect for me. It’s not going to give you that get up and go, run-a-marathon kind of energy, but it will keep your mind focused and on task, and the rest of you relaxed and at ease. I would say the possible cons of this strain are the mild dry mouth - pretty standard for the territory - and although Humulene (thought to suppress appetite) is one of it’s predominant terpenes, the munchies are still inevitable.

(Predominant Terpene Profile: Caryophyllene, Humulene, and Limonene)

Testing at a THC level of about 16%, it’s a little light for those seasoned tokers looking for higher potency, but a nice level for someone who hasn't had as much exposure to sativa's.

I would suggest total newcomers take a few hits and wait and see how you feel before continuing on a longer session, though, as mild anxiety can commonly occur with over indulgence of the sativa-heavy varieties.

Overall, I would highly recommend this strain for MMJ patients who suffer from ADHD, depression, or anyone looking for an uplifting high with the unlikely but welcomed additional benefit of pain relief. Personally, I really liked how it allowed me to focus and get tasks done while also relaxing all of my tense and aching muscles. To get yours head over to Manassas, Virginia medical cannabis dispensary Beyond / Hello ASAP!

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