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Secret Cookies by Triple Seven - gLeaf, Short Pump (VA Medical)

Strain: Secret Cookies

Dispensary: gLeaf

Market: VA Medical Cannabis

Overall Rating: 9.2/10

Lean: Indica Dominant

Initial Thoughts

They say loose lips sink ships but I’m willing to let everyone know that this latest batch of Secret Cookies from VA medical marijuana dispensary, gLeaf, is worth the salvage of the crew and wreckage. This batch is cultivated by Triple Seven and was so surprisingly good that I’m likely to sound mayday when I’m close to running out. 🤫🍪


Super long hairy looking trichomes add layers to the tops of the mainly purple buds that are also adorned with bright reddish-orange pistils.


Fresh, but starting to cure.


I get whiffs of nutty earthy coffee with an herbal mix.


The inhale has notes of a wild berries and the exhale is a sweet, spicy, nutty, and earthy amalgamation.


The Secret Cookies strain is a cross of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies that runs indica dominant.


Secret Cookies gave me a euphoric and focused high that left me feeling relaxed, but not tired. The clarity and mental sharpness I felt made it a perfect companion for playing video games, where I could fully immerse myself in the action without feeling sluggish. I appreciated how it didn’t make me sleepy, allowing me to stay productive and enjoy my evening activities.


Secret Cookies lives up to its name with a secretive blend of flavors and effects that are both potent and delightful. For it being my first time trying Triple Seven in Virginia I’m glad I was met with such a pleasant experience, and will definitely be trying out other selections from them. Stop into a gLeaf location near you to let yourself in on these Secret Cookies and don’t be afraid to let them know that Toker’s Guide spilled the beans!

*If you're in Virginia and you don't have your medical marijuana card yet, we recommend CannabisMD TeleMed. They make the journey super smooth and will help you get your card online in minutes!


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