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Purple Pineapple Express - The Treehouse DC

When a strong, persistent flow of warm, moist air from the Polar Jet Stream gathers off the coast of Hawaii before traveling across the Pacific to North America’s West coast, the resulting “atmospheric river” is known as the Pineapple Express. This weather pattern ultimately brings heavy rain, and heavy rain can make for heavy crop yields.


Perhaps this is why UK cannabis seed producers G13 Labs named their most famous creation after said meteorological phenomenon when they first grew Pineapple Express back in 2003. Now, more than a decade after Seth Rogen and James Franco made the strain a household name, the iconic Pineapple Express has been crossed with The Purps to produce Purple Pineapple Express, a sativa dominant hybrid now available from DC recreational storefront The Treehouse.


This batch is lovely to look at - its soft, dark, dense nugs are a collage of rich greens, with faint streaks of purple adding depth beneath a highlight of white trichomes. A tropical summer smell might have been expected from the “pineapple” name, but upon opening my bag and taking a deep breath, the scents that greeted me reminded me more of autumn. The earthy and slightly fruity scent transported me back in time, reminding me of the long walks I used to take as a teenager in the Ohio forests where I grew up. After school, I would stroll off with my iPod Mini and a couple of joints of whatever schwag I could get my hands on back then. Although Purple Pineapple Express is of a significantly higher quality than anything I had in the mid 2000s, the smell still brought on a rapturous nostalgia.


On the inhale, this sample had a mild taste and a smooth smoke. It did not take long for the effects to become apparent. The body high was relaxing and provided some relief from the light back pain I sometimes deal with, but without any sense of sleepiness or couch-lock. The head high was bright, perky, and fun - I found myself giggling at everything and enjoying a happy-go-lucky disposition throughout the day.

Although this is an excellent daytime strain, I would not recommend it before work. While some sativas can be useful for focus, I found myself more easily distracted than normal as my mind wandered off into daydreams. For someone more artistically inclined than myself, I could see this strain providing a fresh burst of creative energy. Those who deal with depression or anxiety may find that Purple Pineapple Express can bring welcome relief from ruminatory negative thought-loops as well.

To check out this Purple Pineapple Express for yourself just head to The Treehouse DC today (located at 1922 I St. NW). Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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