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Rocket Fuel - Culta (Maryland Medical)

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Rocket Fuel, a rare indica dominant hybrid (70:30), is created by combining Jet Fuel OG and

Face Off OG. A heavy hitter, indica lovers will find this strain incomparable to any other. For me, with a THC level of 24%, it provides a hearty dose of pain relief and surprisingly, great focus for singular tasks: washing the dishes, playing guitar, gardening, or anything else that’s low-stress.


After just one hit you’ll feel a cerebral, euphoric high that lasts for hours. I wouldn’t recommend this strain for newcomers or those just coming off of a tolerance break as it can, depending on how much you smoke, send you into a couch-lock state. With limonene (0.78%) and myrcene (0.97%) as the dominant terpenes, this strain embodies the “loud” stereotype we think of when talking about good flower: a harsh, pungent, sour fuel taste.


However, as it burns you’ll begin to sense sweet, fruity overtones that offset the gassy, diesel aroma. The nugs are moss-green with honey colored hairs and bright white trichomes. Shaped like large popcorn, Culta Rocket Fuel still maintains a sticky, dense, tightly packed consistency. Overall, she really does propel you to outer space!


To get some for yourself, just grab your MD medical card and find your nearest purveyor of Culta products. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


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