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SFV OG - Top Level DC

Strain: San Fernando Valley OG

Service: Top Level

Service Type: DC i-71 Storefront

Overall Rating: 8.7/10

Lean: Balanced 50/50

Initial Thoughts

There are some questions in the cannabis genetics world about how this strain leans. Some say indica (AllBud), some say sativa (Leafly), and others say balanced. In the past we have called SFV a sativa-leaner, but that was that cut and this is now. The overall trouble is, what OG Kush characteristics are actually elicited by which particular harvest. My sense is that depending on the phenotype, the lean can sway one way or another fairly significantly. In the case of this batch, interestingly enough, I would say it's quite balanced in terms of effects.



A multitude of greens, both dark and light, mix across these coniferous, frosty buds.


Fresh, but beginning to cure.


This has the super funky, evergreen forest scent of a strong OG cultivar. There are also hints of lemon and fuel.



A delectable flavor that true OG Kush fans can love with lots of pine, sour fruit, and an awesomely buttery, caramel aftertaste.


The SFV OG strain, also known as San Fernando Valley OG, is a phenotype of OG Kush whose true genetics are somewhat of a mystery. Incidentally, OG actually stands for "Ocean Grown" and the term originated in Florida.


People say that SFV OG increases sexual urges and came to be due to the pornography industry that's prevalent in the San Fernando Valley. I tend to believe in this notion, but for me, this strain typically causes uplifting, feel-so-right effects that make almost everything feel better. It's not sedative, but has an awesome body high, and it's not edgy, but has really nice heady aspects as well.



Overall, this is a super versatile batch that has both uplifting cerebral qualities as well as a comfy, body-wrapping glow. Most notable, however, is the delicious OG Kush flavor that it packs - something that makes me want to hit it again and again. To check it out for yourself just head to Top Level DC ASAP and don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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