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Sherbacio - Euphoria DC

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Sherbacio, from DC i-71 storefront Euphoria Healing & Wellness in DC, is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Gelato #41. An even hybrid (50/50) with a whopping 34% THC level, this strain can become easily sedative and almost narcotic in terms of effects. As such it's been suggested that pro smokers consume it in the evening and novice smokers take it easy. As for me, I enjoyed getting "sherbed out" all day and into the night. Note that this includes some hefty cotton mouth so be sure to bring hydration.


Noted for being a “mood-shifter,” I would personally submit that stress, pain, and anxiety were also no match for this Sherbacio. With bold flavors, a mouth-watering terpene profile, and a sweet caramel flavored yet gassy finish, you could definitely label it as a “lip smacker” as well.

In the name “Sherbacio”, the "bacio" comes from Italian Bacio gelato (chocolate mixed with hazelnuts) and your palate will thank you for the expansion. With gentle earthy undertones, the majority of the aroma is like that of sugar cookies mixed in a blender with candied syrup. Then add berries, lemon zest and somehow a smooth, creamy finish. Are we talking about weed still?


When rolled in a joint or packed in a bowl, that same aroma is so strong it will quickly permeate what seems like your entire body and the surrounding area as well. Light it up, take a puff, and you’ll feel it grip your lungs as soon as you exhale, resulting in an immediate and powerful head high. This soon morphs to include a warm glow of a body buzz too.


The rich purple buds are dense and doused in glistening trichomes. When ground up, you’ll notice that pastels abound with pale purples and glacial greens. The hairs are bright orange, camouflaged by a heavy dosing of deep purple leaves.

With a whole body, euphoric high and lots of inner-dialogue, I dare to say this strain is world-class in terms of effects. Well worthy of the fine canna-spa establishment that is Euphoria DC.

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