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Sorbeto - District Chiefer

Can you feel it tokers? 4/20 is right around the corner! Are you prepared? Here let me help you a little...

So this Sorbeto from Toker's Guide newcomber District Chiefer is legit af. I was surprised to see if come across my desk - did a double take in fact. I mean this shit is fire. We should all be so lucky to have this in our stash box for the upcoming festivities!

A three way cross of Zkittles, Sunset Sherbert, and Magnum Opus (an old school fav of mine) this batch runs just slightly indica (60/40) and can pack a seriously high THC percentage. I'd say the Sunset Sherbert / Cookies influence is most pronounced in the aroma while the Zkittles is most expressed in the tangy fruity flavor.

You can catch some drive with this and not be couch-locked (stemming from the slight diesel influence), but it certainly has those euphoric indica feels. Probably a great one for the late afternoon. Perhaps the perfect happy hour bud?

The smoothness, despite the near scariness of the coloration and trichomes, is remarkable when smoked. I guess this is what makes the name so appropriate - isn't sorbeto one of the silkiest fruity, icy treats possible? Bravo cultivators 🙌 I think you served up the perfect scoop!

This is another great one for those organic blunt wraps I mentioned in my most recent article (we're still trying to work out the review with them - coming soon), but twist her up however you like. To get your cut, hit up District Chiefer ASAP and tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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