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Sour Strawberry - Puff Puff DC

Good morning tokers! I'm taking this opportunity to do a rare morning post due to the outstanding, daytime-oriented effects of this amazing batch of Sour Strawberry from Puff Puff DC. While this hybrid's sativa/indica ratio is generally thought to be unknown, I can tell you my personal opinion is that her sativa effects are easily the most dominant. With East Coast Sour Diesel and Strawberry Cough (both phenomenal sativa's in their own right) in the family tree it's not hard to see why. Yet, the warm/glowing body buzz you'll also feel can be attributed to its other parent, indica flavor hero Razzberry. So for me, when you combine tangy fruitiness, coffee-like energy levels, and a fuzzy sweater of a body buzz you get the perfect supplement to a beautiful morning.

While wake-n-baking with this delight you'll also find that the mental clarity afforded by her won't make the "bake" part as noticeable to those around you who might care. Can they really tell you're a little stoney on these work Zoom calls anyways? Is it wrong to have a not-so-different-than-coffee buzz "at" work? I think you can guess where I stand. Isn't it hard enough to get through COVID lockdowns, Zoom conference calls, and work from home territorial conflicts already?

Purely based on appearance, this weed looks as strong as it is. It's incredibly lime green with tan colored hairs (similar to the Sour D if you're familiar) and the trichome coverage is completely insane. You even get some easily visible golden tint to the kief as it piles up (and oh will it ever pile up) in whatever jar you attempt to contain her in. When you break it up by

hand the remnants will look like a desert sand storm just inundated your fingers.

Aroma wise, this one will really wake you up right with a sweet, gassy, piney, solvent-like whoosh as soon as you open the bag (or jar). Eventually, the intensity quells and fruitier notes reign. That overpowering aroma is passed on to the flavor when smoked, however I definitely recommend trying this one in the vape as the terpenes are deliciously complex at lower temperature settings. I've even noticed hints of genuine strawberry at these low temps.

Overall, I'm really loving the vibrant energy, creativity, and clarity I'm feeling from what is truly a fantastic batch of a rare and delicious Diesel offshoot. Hit up DC I-71 legends Puff Puff DC today and grab some for your collection before it's gone!


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