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Sunny Wizard by Edie Parker - Mary & Main Dispensary (Maryland Recreational)

Updated: Jun 21

Strain: Sunny Wizard

Dispensary: Mary & Main (Capital Heights)

Market: Maryland Recreational

Overall Rating: 8.9/10

Lean: Hybrid

Initial Thoughts

Given that I'm normally a full-on indica guy, I was quite surprised and impressed by the vibrant high produced by this batch of Sunny Wizard from Edie Parker. Currently available at Maryland recreational marijuana dispensary Mary & Main in Capital Heights it has very attractive, trichome laden nugs and a mentally delicious, yin yang-ish style buzz. In fact, it's a hybrid that expresses so many positive qualities from both the indica and sativa sides of the spectrum that you might wonder if it was actually created by a wizard. 🧙



Green akin to moist blades of green grass with flecks of light lime and orange peel-colored pistols. Also note the frosty trichomes and lavender highlights.


Fresh, but starting to cure.


Sweet pine sap, honeysuckle, allspice, apricot syrup.



Woodsy and herbaceous, sweet burnt sugar, distant plumb and honeycomb notes.


Blissful Wizard x Purple Punch


The buzz was one where relaxation teamed up with a little pep. It certainly wasn't overstimulating, though. Just a nice mellow feeling head high with a warming and alert sense of mind. You can sit in this high comfortably and go the distance. Great for daytime use.



Overall I feel like this one is the total package from a hybrid perspective. It made me want to talk, be social, and engage my fellow potheads to get their thoughts on this amazing buzz as well. It would be great at a party and I imagine that you'd probably make quick friends bringing it along. To experience this head stash contender for yourself head to Mary & Main dispensary ASAP and don't forget to let them know that Toker's Guide sent you!

*Medical cannabis is for certified/qualifying patients only. Must be at least 21+ years old to view content.


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